Turn your work into a game

but don’t tell your boss

We’re currently in closed alpha mode

We invite a few new people every week to take part in the itemz project

Track activity within projects

Discover “who, when, what” and find the answers
to these age-old questions

Manage your tasks at a glance

You can see all the week’s tasks in one place without having to click on every project separately

  • Evolve into a task hero

    Win trophies, level up, compare yourself
    to others and just be plain awesome

  • Try the great free plan

    There’s a lot you can do without having
    to pay

  • Take part in building the app

    We’re just getting started, but have very
    big plans for our app.


  • John Rain

    I’ve never agreed to having my face used on the itemz website

  • Clint Westcoal

    I don’t use this app and I‘m not planning to start

  • Walter Black

    They sent me an invitation but it went directly to spam

  • Kathy Fish

    What do I need trophies for, is this a contest?

  • Stephen Cook

    There are millions of task management apps. Creating another one is just stupid.

  • John Parrot

    What was the question again?